I AM getting very tired of reading letters, seemingly all from men, whingeing about the charge for collecting garden waste.

In reply to Colin Booth, I am one of the ‘fools’ who has already signed up to pay the £35 pa charge – less than the cost of a postage stamp per week.

Free collection of garden waste is a relatively new thing; my parents never had the garden waste taken away and dealt with it by composting or burning or taking to the local tip, if there was one.

I am grateful to the council for relieving me of the task of taking mine to the tip. It also means fewer car journeys and therefore less vehicle pollution.

It takes another kind of fool not to recognise that council services are restricted by reduced income from taxes, and more important services than garden waste have to be a priority.

What a pity that Mr Booth has such a low opinion of his neighbours.

It would never occur to mine to ‘twitch’ the curtains and make a ‘commando raid’ on another’s bin.

Kathleen Arundale,