On 7th December 2010, I visited the Union Streets Media Arts at St. Johns Centre in Old Trafford. Another member, Naadhirah came as well. We both came as representatives from the Youth Cabinet as well as residents of Old Trafford. Our purpose was to give feedback on the film they produced and suggest improvements/changes. The film Emerging Voices, was fantastic as it highlighted issues young people faced, how Young People are portrayed in the Media and how they are stereotyped depending where they come from. When it came to the discussion point, someone raised the issue about the relationships between the Police and Young People as well as the services Trafford offers to young people. At this point, I told them about the Youth Cabinet and we do to improve Trafford. And from there, we made a link. They will be visiting the Cabinet soon. The workshop was great and I hope there are more in different areas in the future.

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