JUST to make things clear and in perspective – I was the heavily pregnant woman struggling with an 18 month old child once. I am now a blue badge holder because I have difficulty walking distances and/ or it is painful for me to do that.

I cannot understand the psyche of car park markings in Urmston and the Stretford Mall. The parent and child reserved parking spaces need not be by the entrance.

The difficulty when you have a small child is space to get them in and out of the car and into their buggies, it has nothing to do with walking distances. So why are the disabled bays further away from entrances and exits than the parent and child spaces?

Also why are the disabled bays in the Urmston upper car park near the stairs? Could the spaces be designed with a little common sense?

This was brought home to me, as I hobbled to my parking bay at the top of the car park, by three young women who jumped out of their car with a school age child – parked in a parent and child bay near the entrance. Can anyone enlighten me?

June Bowden, Urmston