IT is a shame that good news has been used in such a way to create a negative news story. I refer to your report about George H Carnall Leisure Centre and how its closure is causing concern.

I find it difficult to understand how an investment of £24m can cause such concern.

As other authorities are closing leisure centres, Trafford is investing £24m in theirs.

Surely this is something to celebrate as the council is showing its commitment to providing first class, commercially-viable and modern leisure facilities for the residents of Trafford to enjoy for years to come.

As chairman of Trafford Leisure Community Interest Company, who will be driving this transformation alongside the council, I see this as a good news story for the people of Trafford as Trafford is looking at how to invest to sustain and grow their leisure facilities.

So let us get some facts straight as this is the reality:

• £24m invested in improving and increasing leisure facilities.

• No date has yet been given for the closure of George Carnall.

• No staff have been given notice of redundancy (Trafford Leisure has a history in ensuring employees are redeployed).

• Trafford Leisure is committed to working with any clubs or residents affected to ensure they are accommodated and catered for.

• Over 40 local GP practices are working with Trafford Leisure to ensure that those people seeking to start doing some physical activity can do so with both support and financial assistance.

• The leisure strategy is part of health and wellbeing plans to help resident’s live healthier lives.

Granted, we are in the early stages of these plans and this may cause some concern to residents and staff.

But it does none of us any good to speculate on what might be when we have the facts in front of us and that is a £24m investment in the leisure facilities in Trafford and a commitment that when we move to the planning stage we will fully communicate with all who have a vested interest so they are aware of what is happening and when.

As a local newspaper whose duty it is to report the facts to our residents, I would hope the Messenger would join us in supporting a £24m investment in our residents’ future. I accept that if we get it wrong you should rightly report on this, but please let us get the facts straight about this exciting development for Trafford and celebrate the future of leisure provision.

Andy Worthington

Chair, Trafford Leisure Community Interest Company