I NOTICE in Messenger that the Labour Group in Trafford thinks it could be in with a chance of wresting control of the council at the next election.

They could well be right if national antipathy towards the coalition government is translated to the local ballot box.

I just want some questions answered before I cast my vote – no spin, no flannel.

They are:

  • Will the Labour group keep our schools system the way it is now? Are our grammar schools safe?
  • What will the Labour group do about fracking in the area? I personally think it’s a good idea but I could be in the minority with this one.
  • What is the Labour group’s stance on HS2, especially as it relates to the route through Trafford?
  • What will the Labour group do about the current rubbish collection system?
  • What will the Labour group do about the plague of dog mess?

Please give me straightforward answers to these questions and make me a happy man.

Mark Jones, address supplied