TO the lazy, disgusting dog owners who continually allow their dogs to poo all over the pavements of Melville Road, Addison Road, Argyll Avenue and also Bradfield Road, in Stretford.

Every morning you make the walk to Moss Park nursery for myself and my two young children a miserable and dangerous one, forcing us to continually have to walk on the road rather than the pavement just to avoid the mounting piles of dog dirt which litter the pavements.

The dog mess is also all over the paths of Moss Park – I've even seen it on the floor right next to a dog poo bin, as well as right at the entrance of the nursery. Nearly every day the journey ends with me having to clean your dog's mess off my pram wheels to prevent it from coming into our home.

Please be more considerate and think of our little children. And to Trafford Council – please keep on top of the street cleaning.

Name and address supplied