A Bengal - Siamese cross, 10 year old cat, went missing between midnight and 7am on May 18/19 from School Road in Hale.

His owner said: "It's very unusual as he's usually waking me up to be fed.

"I walked round the block, but couldn't find him.

"I left this food out, but he hadn't been back for it by the time I got home form work at 3.30pm.

"My neighbour & I have walked the streets again and asked several neighbours, but no one has seen him. He doesn't usually stray, and has never stayed out all night before. I've let a couple of local vets know and the newsagent behind my house.

"He has a collar and tag on, but isn't chipped."

Please call anonymously through Animal Search UK on 0800 4 320 340 reference LD6974