AN advert watchdog has released its findings into publicity material for a proposed power plant scheme in Davyhulme.

Anti-plant campaigners the Breathe Clean Air Group (BCAG) made seven complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about information produced by Peel Energy, who want to build a biomass plant near Barton Bridge.

The watchdog upheld two of the complaints and rejected the other five.

The ASA upheld a complaint that graphics used were misleading, because BCAG did not think they gave a fair representation of the plant's visual impact.

It also backed BCAG's complaint that it was misleading to suggest that local areas "could make use of renewable electricity and heat generated by the site". The ASA said that this was likely to mislead as the power was likely to go to the National Grid.

The ASA found in Peel's favour on claims about the number of homes that would be powered by the plant, the impact on air quality, and the 'minimal' visual impact of the plant.

It also backed Peel on claims about the burning of wood, and the use of a Health Protection Agency quote that "air pollution from incinerators makes up a fraction of one per cent of the country's particulate emissions."

A planning application for the scheme was rejected by Trafford's planning committee last year.