POLICE are investigating two separate hit and runs in the Altincham area — one of which left a man with a broken jaw.

The victim of the first incident, which took place in Timperley on January 24, believes he was targeted deliberately.

Ashley Hooper, 27, was walking along Canal Road at around 11.30pm, away from Timpereley Metrolink Station, when a black Ford Focus drove past him at very high speed.

Ashley, who had been in London for his job as a freelance photographer, then heard the car reverse and saw it head back in his direction, again at a high speed.

“I knew something was wrong, so I was relieved at first because it was speeding up, not slowing down as if to confront me.

“Then all of a sudden I just felt this huge pain in my back and my I went over the top of the car roof.”

Ashley said that incredibly, the car then turned around again and began to head towards him at an even faster speed.

“I somehow got myself back to my feet, the car was nearly on me so I just ran, I don’t know how I actually found the strength because my back and ribs were in so much pain.

“It was totally intentionally, I was in the widest part of the road, there’s no path but I was hugged tightly into the pavement.”

Ashley believes he was only saved from serious injury because he was wearing his camera on his back which saved him from the worst of his impact.

However, much of his camera equipment was damaged and his laptop and expensive clothes that were in a suitcase he had with him were destroyed and strewn along the road.

Ashley added: “There’s no reason why somebody would be after me, somebody out there is just doing this for fun.”

In a separate incident four days later, a 56-year-old man was walking along the pavement on Stockport Road, Altrincham, when he was hit by a car from behind, which drove off in an unknown direction.

The victim had been heading towards the town centre just after midnight on January 28; he was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital where he received surgery on his jaw.

Insp Phil Bromley, from the Road Policing Unit, said: “The victim unfortunately was unable to get a description of the car but we believe there may be damage to its nearside wheels and scuff marks to the bonnet.

“I would ask anyone who may have witnessed the incident or was in the area close to Stockport Road with its junction with Parkway, to come forward.

“The victim is lucky his injuries are not worse and I would appeal to the driver directly to hand themselves in.”

Anyone with information regarding either incident is asked to call police on 101 or the Road Policing unit at Leigh on 0161 856 7202.