THE OWNER of a pit bull type dog that savagely attacked an Urmston poodle two weeks ago has had his pet put down.

Ozzie, an 11-year-old Bichon Frise, lost an eye and needed emergency surgery after he was attacked by two pit bull type dogs outside his family’s Ascot Drive home on January 27.

The dogs, three-and-a-half year-old Sheena, who is three quarters pit bull, and six-month-old Drey, an Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier, leapt on Ozzie in a brutal attack Their owner, who does not want to be named, sought help to care for his dogs as he was worried that it would happen again.

But after the police and the RSPCA told him they couldn’t do anything he was forced to have Sheena put down.

“I had no choice really. I have got kids on my road and if that had’ve been a kid, well I wouldn’t have been able to live with that.

“She didn’t look like a pit bull to me, she was a lovely dog and nothing had ever happened before.

An RSPCA spokesperson confirmed that they did not take in pit bull type dogs as they couldn’t rehome them.