POLICE are advising Trafford to be more vigilant after twelve crimes were reported in Old Trafford in seven days.

On a post on GMP Trafford North’s Facebook page they advised residents to leave a light on in the house when they go out. They said: “Honestly, burglars don't like well lit houses and will choose a house in darkness - especially ones without an alarm. I've spoken to a few burglars in my day and they admit this.”

The post revealed on September 8 that in the last seven days there had been three robberies. One in Auburn Road where two offenders hit the victim in the face and then took the victims mobile phone and ran off.

Another happened on Cornbrook Park Road, where an offender pushed a cyclist off his pushbike and stole it whilst running away from the police. The bike was recovered nearby in Hulme and the cyclist was OK.

The last reported robbery was in Ayres Road. Again, the offender tried to take a bike off a victim whilst cycling. As the victim ran after the offender to get the bike back, a vehicle stopped and passed the offender a knife. The victim gave the bike back to the offender who then fled the scene.

Other crimes included:

• One theft of Pushbike that was locked and secured from near the Metrolink Station at Cornbrook.

• Shoplifting from PoundPalace in Stretford Road, Old Trafford. The offender took a pack of Rizlers valued at £3.50 and ran off. The shopkeeper chased and detained the offender and recovered the stolen items.

• Criminal damage in Stamford Street. An offender threw a brick through a victims window and ran off. The victim had children at the address. Police said: “I will be keeping an eye on this address for a while. We have CCTV nearby too so will be getting checked for images of the offender.”

• A theft from Motor Vehicle in Premier Street. The unknown offender smashed the window of a parked-up vehicle and stole around £300 worth of tools.

The police also said: “We have a few problems with motorbikes/scrambler bikes in the area lately. On Tuesday evening, two were seized of which one has been used in crime and being used on the road in an anti-social way.

”We get a lot of complaints about this and we do try to seize them but it's difficult. We have to follow the guidelines given to us for law enforcement and act accordingly.”