ARTIST Peter Davis is to exhibit his collection of ‘phone addiction’ paintings at Sale’s Waterside Arts Centre.

Peter’s work is inspired by people’s use of personal technology and how it impacts the world and relationships and his work will go on display at Sale’s ‘One Year On’ show from Saturday April 22.

The exhibit follows Peter’s recent shortlist in the Artist of the Year exhibition at London’s Mall Galleries, which took place back in January.

The Wilmslow artist said: ”It’s been a whirlwind 12 months in terms of developing my visual practice and getting more recognition and exposure.

“This show is a great opportunity to take a look back at that journey. It’s going to be exciting to rejoin the other prize-winners from last year’s Waterside Open to see how all our work has evolved one year on.

“Through my hyper-realistic paintings I hope to pose questions about the alienation of the human being within contemporary society.

”Our digital and social mediated world is dominated with manipulated personal experiences, narcissism and false self. My aim is to capture the zeitgeist of today and create portraiture that belongs in the here and now.”

“Throughout the event, I’m inviting members of the public to take a ‘selfie’ next to my work and a winner chosen to inspire my next piece.

”There is an intentional dichotomy between the technology-centric images that I observe and my traditional method of painting. Whilst the scenes that I see can pass in seconds, each painting can take many days, if not weeks, for me to painstakingly preserve in paint the true essence of that fleeting moment.”

”This is the first time that my ‘phone addiction’ series have been exhibited together – and to mark the occasion by inviting visitors to put themselves forward to be painted as the next people in the series is a real thrill for me.”

The ‘One Year On’ show will be available to view at Waterside Arts Centre, in Sale, from April 22 to July 29.