A SALE campaigner believes a possible debate in the House of Commons over a £6.4 million government cut in policing across Manchester is a step in the right direction.

Graham Roe, the area coordinator for the Nurseries Estate Homewatch Association, was reacting to the news that politicians would be calling for a discussion to get the cuts to the budget at Greater Manchester Police reinstated.

The campaign was premised on fears that the cut in the budget would undo much good work previously done to improve community policing and build better relationships between both the police and the communities that they serve.

Mr Roe said: "If these cuts continue, the whole fabric of community life is under serious threat. Effective policing will become impossible and the criminals will have a field day,"

The breakthrough in the campaign followed discussions between members of the association Wythenshawe and Sale East MP Michael Kane and Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd.

Mr Roe explained: " We had a conversation about the need to galvanise MP’s into having a debate in the House of Commons with a view to getting the cuts reinstated

"The outcome of this conversation was that Mike Kane will be making a formal request to the Speaker for a full debate after the summer recess. This is excellent news and vindicates all the campaigning by the Police and Crime Commissioner and our residents association to get these unjust cuts reinstated.

"What is particularly galling is that some of the money will be used to fund projects in the capital like propping up the Police Complaints Authority. Why should the good people of Greater Manchester lose out to fund projects in the capital?"

Mr Kane said:"After meeting with Mr Roe and a number of other residents I had some concerns about the impact the cuts might have on policing. I also had a chat with Mr Lloyd before deciding to request a debate after the recess in Westminster Hall to discuss the cuts."

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