ALTRINCHAM-based 'The if agency' has created, designed and launched a new website for the Wacky Warehouse.

The firm was first appointed by Wacky Warehouse – the UK's leading children's soft play centre – for an initial brand development project for three of its new UK sites, last year.

Jane Moore, group account director at The if agency, said: “A lot of soft play venues fall into the trap of only talking to children.

"That is, of course, important, but it’s mum, dad or carer doing the actual planning, research and organising so a destination’s online presence needs to engage with the adult but without losing that essential sense of energy and fun.

"As a result, we’ve deliberately injected a sense of silliness into the site’s tone of voice along with doodle creatives to ensure it reflects the real-life Wacky experience.

"We’ve also devised a logical customer journey; so, whether it’s a first time visit, you’re looking to see what’s on or you’re planning a party there’s a clear journey that can be navigated in as few steps as possible.”

Carol Rhead, at Wacky Warehouse, said: “The new site is now a great reflection of us and what we offer our customers.

"They key thing for us in 2014 is to really drive our party bookings and it’s great that the website is now geared up to do that.

"It’s informative but still has a sense of fun which is central to everything we do.”

The new Wacky Warehouse website is live now and can be found at