RESEARCH undertaken by IKEA indicates that Manchester residents experience 13 bouts of stress every day.

A study into the stress levels of 2,000 adults found the first flash hits early, with almost over half of people experiencing stress before they even get out of bed.

Not being able to find things like keys or wallet causes high levels of stress before even leaving home, whilst feeling unhappy with their weight and self-image proved another reason to worry.

Work was the biggest source of worry in the average person’s life, while general day to day activities surprisingly proved the second biggest problem.

But Myriam Ruffo, head of bedroom and bathroom at IKEA said, there are many small changes people can make within the home – from getting their clothes ready the night before to keeping a pen and paper next to their bed to write down any nighttime worries – which will give them a better and more stress-free start to the day.

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