WRITING is in the blood for Sale author Tony Baldwinson, whose has just made his literary debut with his novel, Further Down The River.

Both his parents were journalists working in the newspaper industry and the 56-year-old said his book was inspired by what is fertile territory for anyone with an urge to write.

Tony, from Chapel Road, said: "The book was inspired by many years of working in the public sector and thinking that the scope for crime, intrigue and heroism in public service has been overlooked. Any town hall has a wealth of stories, many of them you just could not make up."

Many people immerse themselves in a good book while sunning themselves on holiday but it was while he was enjoying a break the plot for the novel came to him.

He explained: "Most of my writing has been non-fiction in the voluntary and community sector, such as books on funding. Then, two years ago I was on holiday and this novel just started coming to me. My grandfather had wished he could work as a writer but at 13 he had to leave school and a scholarship to bring home a wage. I inherited his old typewriter and I write my fiction as Jack Duffy in his honour."

The novel's central character is Maria Kaminski who finds herself swept into the murky world of international crime. The novel is set in London and the safety of one of the most famous cities in the world is at stake.

But Tony said the story doesn't end here for Maria who finds herself 'caught up in the shennanigans of big companies' in the follow-up book.

Further Down The River costs £8.99 and is due for release on August 31. Anyone interested in finding out more should visit cpibookdelivery.com.