ART With A Heart has received a grant to fund a project that aims to capture the memories of socially isolated older people and bridge the generation gap.

The Altrincham-based arts centre for the community will use more than £3,000 fromThrive Trafford to pay for what will turn into a talking history book.

Older people will meet Trafford students once a month to share their memories of old-fashioned remedies as part of a scheme called Mother Knows Best - Vintage T.

AWAH director Karen Wroe said: "Working with our volunteers, students from the senior schools in the area will have the opportunity to create sound bites based on old fashioned remedies by interviewing the guests at the Vintage T. Six students will perform this activity once a month.

"These sound bites will be sent to the North West Sound Archives as well as a copy kept at Art With A Heart. This enhances the event to become intergenerational."

Karen said Mother Knows Best - Vintage T builds on the success of a pilot project ran by the centre last year.

She said: "Art With A Heart ran a pilot project with an author from the area reading from his book. Art With A Heart is always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver its mission."

Karen said AWAH's new home is 'amazing' and praised the continued support it receives from its volunteers.

She said: "Not only do we have two gallery spaces and an expanded heritage area, we converted an empty unit with 200 volunteer hours and £200.

"Visitor numbers are growing weekly to more than 300 visitors and we expect to achieve in excess of 35,000 visits in a year."

Art Wth A Heart would like to hear from students who are studying either the arts, history or sociology at senior schools in Trafford who would like to get involved with Mother Knows Best - Vintage T. Anyone interested in getting involved should either visit AWAH, George Street, Altrincham, or email