by Julia Taylor

STUDENTS from Cadman’s School of Dance in Sale joined 400 others nationwide to perform at the Bridgewater Hall.

The show, organised by Chance 2 Dance Live featured every type of dance from ballet to modern dance.

Jude Goodier, head of freestyle dance, said:

“The Chance 2 Dance Company is excellent. It is run by a gentleman who has a school in Birmingham. He invites schools to display different types of dance.”

The students performed three numbers. The ten – 18-year-olds did All that Jazz and a compilation of Beggin from Jersey Boys and Move by Little Mix.

Another group of 14-18-year-olds danced to the song Heavy Cross by Gossip.

Jude said: “My dance class emphasises the performance side so this was good practice for them.”

The male group, Cartel which took part in Britain’s Got Talent were there.

“Afterwards they came to our dressing room and had their picture taken with my girls.

“They were so excited.”

The audience remarked on the gorgeous costumes worn by the Cadman’s performers.

“I’m a savvy shopper,” said Jude who is constantly on the look out for clothes.

“You can get lovely sparkly stuff at Primark though I have made a few things myself.”

“I love my job,” she said.