SALE woman Rupy Kaur joined family and friends to raise more tham £5,000 for Cancer Research UK.

The 26-year-old, who has cerebral palsy and usually uses a wheelchair, completed the final kilometre of the 10k Great Manchester Run using her walker.

Rupy said the fundraising was in memory of her auntie, Surinder Kaur Dubb, who died of cancer in February.

She said: It was an amazing experience but pretty tough and emotional. It was great that all of my family took part considering that we're not the most active family.”

Rupy said completing the last leg of the Run on her walker was a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience.

She said: “I managed to do the last kilometre in my walker, it was harder than any of the training that I had completed due to the route going uphill and with it being the hottest weekend of the year.

“I felt proud but tired when I had completed the course. I also felt sad but happy too.”

Rupy is a trustee of the charity Scope and is also doing a part-time Master’s degree in health psychology at Liverpool John Moores University.

All the money raised will go to Cancer Research UK and will be specifically used to research bone cancer.

* Donations can still be made and anyone interested in doing so should visit