THE Friends of John Leigh Park group held its first ‘Big Lunch’ event on Sunday, June 1.

The group, which hopes to be formally adopted by the council this month, came into being after Messenger highlighted that council funding for the pets’ corner at the Altrincham park was to be withdrawn.

After reading the story, Altrincham resident, Dave Jolley, decided to reform the disbanded Friends group.

Mr Jolley said the Big Lunch was a ‘joyful’ event, with adults discussing plans for the park, while children took part in races and drew pictures.

He added: “This Big Lunch idea is catching on and showing there is real community spirit in our times.

“Friends of John Leigh Park organised a DIY picnic on the park to raise awareness and have fun.

“More than 200 people and shared expressions that we want to keep our aviary and be sure the park remains as good as can be.”