MESSENGER readers have named Frank Sidebottom as their favourite Trafford person - and he’s made it to the big screen.

A film inspired by the quirky character is about to be released with Michael Fassbender in the title role.

The comic creation of the late Chris Sievey is held in great affection by the borough’s residents and their fondness is reflected in their online comments and tributes.

Tim Fuller said: “I love Frank Sidebottom, listening to his songs or watching a video of him never fails to make me smile.”

Sidebottom, with his trademark papier mache mask appealed to people of all ages and was honoured with a memorial in his beloved home town of Timperley.

Jack Harkins said: “Frank Sidebottom was a funny and talented, lovable man. He’s left a legacy that many people will recognise him for.”

A Sidebottom statue was unveiled in Timperley Village last year - paid for entirely with donations from his fans.

Fan Andy Sheratt said Sidebottom was ‘The funniest and most creative person I’ve ever met.”

Raz McVeighty, was a friend with Sidebottom creator Chris Sievey said he was a ‘top bloke.’ Morrissey, the Stretford raised front man of The Smiths and Ian Brown, lead singer of The Stone Roses, who grew up in Timperley, also featured in the vote, as did Paul Goggins, the late MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East.