GOVERNMENT minister Justine Greening paid a visit to Urmston yesterday to lend her support Trafford Conservatives in the run up to the local elections taking place later this month.

The Secretary of State for International Development met council leader, Sean Anstee, as well as other members, at Eden Square shopping complex and spoke to shoppers about their concerns.

Ms Greening said paid tribute to Trafford as a ‘well-run council’ and commended the authority for freezing council tax for the past four years.

“I think the Conservative Party has changed over recent years and what’s great is decent, young, dynamic leaders like Sean are running councils and bringing a new, modern view point to how services can be developed, as well as thinking outside the box.”

Cllr Anstee said: “I think Justine’s visit highlights the importance of keeping Trafford Conservative and I’m grateful to have a Government minister come and support our campaign.”