AT Bickham House residential care home in Bowdon, Cheshire, the Internet isn’t just for the young.

Residents at the home, also a registered charity, have been getting to grips with the Internet as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family.

An Internet telephone and video calling service has been embraced by a growing number of residents and is keeping residents up-to-date with modern technology.

These residents include Molly Fraser, aged 90, who was born in Scotland, but lived in Windsor for many years. She moved to Bickham House three years ago to be near her daughter Jane.

Molly loves the system because it keeps her in touch with old friends from Windsor, and her eight god-children.

But there are other good reasons for introducing it to the care home too, according to home manager Cathy Myers.

“For relatives living further afield, being able to see their loved ones with it gives them peace of mind,” said Mrs Myers.

“It also means they can talk directly to the staff to ask about their relative and develops the relationship between relatives and carers, all of which benefits our residents.”