LESLIE Nicholson may be celebrating his 100th birthday this Saturday, but he’s not too old to receive money in his birthday cards.

The Urmston resident was pleased as punch to receive £10 in one of his cards when Messenger paid him a visit this week.

Leslie, who worked as an operator at Shell for many years, still lives completely independently at his Stretford Road home and put his longevity down to great family and friends – and brandy.

“I live on my own but I’ve got some very good neighbours – they’re more like family really,” said Leslie.

“I’ve got a bottle of brandy that keeps me going – not a whole one every day – just a drop now and again.”

His wife of 68 years, Eileen, died seven years ago, aged 90, and they had one adopted daughter Patricia, who is 70.

Leslie joked that he could not keep Patricia and her two daughters away from his birthday party, which is taking at the Roebuck pub, on Church Road, this Saturday.