ADRENALIN junkies from a Hale hair salon have raised £1,500 for Sound Sense after completing a daring 11,000ft skydive.

Staci Savage, Michael Haworth and Samantha Smith from Porters, in Ashley Road, embarked on the descent at Black Knights Parachute Centre, Lancaster.

One of the divers, Samantha Smith, 36 said: “It was the most unreal experience I’ve ever had. I can’t even explain.

“It was like flying in a rush of wind, like diving into nothingness.

“It was amazing, one of the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Samantha, 36, had always wanted to skydive, and decided to make this dream a reality after her mum’s friend had a stroke and Sound Sense, a Leeds-based charity which organises community music projects, helped her recovery.

After enjoying the jump, she is now considering joining a skydiving club.