THE North West Ambulance Service has praised the actions of a rowing coach who rescued a cyclist who fell into a Timperley canal.

Martin Chandler, who is the Trafford Rowing Club junior coach, was teaching some youngsters in the Bridgewater Canal when he was informed that a cyclist had fallen into the water close to Timperley Metrolink stop.

Mr Chandler, who is 36 and lives in Broadheath, said he initially threw a line to the cyclist – but he was lying face down in the water and it quickly became clear that he was not in a position to grab the line.

“I knew I had to get to him and get him out of the water as quickly as possible,” said Mr Chandler.

“If he had been in there any longer I don’t think he would have survived.”

The Sinderland Road resident took the decision to enter the water and pull the cyclist to the side, then, with the help of another man, managed to lift him onto the embankment.

He then covered the man in coats to keep him warm and kept him talking to ensure he remained conscious – before helping carrying him up the steps to where the ambulance was parked.

Mr Chandler was them able to return his attention to his young rowers.

“They were all fine, after I made sure the guy was OK I sent the rest of them back towards the club house,” he added.