MESSENGER is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and our birthday coincides with that of Trafford and Greater Manchester, which were also created 40 years ago this week.

But, 40 years on, we decided to ask our readers how far they identify with Trafford as a borough.

Some readers have fully embraced Trafford, while others feel a closer affinity with their historical Cheshire and Lancashire post codes, while yet others consider themselves to be both from Trafford, and their historical county.

A poll on our website shows that more than half of Messenger readers consider themselves to be from Cheshire, while 15 per cent who voted would consider themselves to be from Trafford and six percent consider themselves to be from Lancashire.

Seventeen per cent believe themselves to be from Greater Manchester and eight per cent voted none of the above.

This could tell us a number of things – many who live south of the borough still retain their WA, Cheshire post codes, and as such consider themselves to live in Cheshire, even if they believe themselves to be from Trafford as well.

It is possible that as only six per cent of readers voted for Lancashire, that those who live north of the borough feel a greater affinity to Manchester as they live closer to it – although it is equally possible that more south Trafford residents voted in the poll than those who live in the north of the borough.

Either way, the issue splits opinion, let us know your views by emailing, vote in our poll on our homepage, or comment below this story.


See some residents’ views below.

Trafford Council leader, Sean Anstee, said: “As Trafford turns 40, it provides an opportunity to reflect on all that is good about our Borough.

“The council recognises the diversity and individual identities of its communities but also seeks to act as one place, working collectively in a deep rooted desire to improve the outcomes the council’s interventions have for all Trafford residents and businesses.

“As an individual authority, we are best placed to be able to make strong representations on behalf of our community in a way that would not have been possible had Trafford not been created in 1974.

“Collectively, all 10 local authorities are stronger when collaborating with each other to tackle issues that affect all of Greater Manchester I am convinced that the right balance is being struck between individual and collective representation in the best interests of all.”

Altrincham and Sale West MP, Graham Brady, said: "I wouldn’t say that people identify with Trafford, but with their local area, whether it’s Altrincham and Sale, Davyhulme or Urmston.

"Trafford as an authority has been a great success; the best schools in the country; low council tax and well- run services.

"As the first planned industrial estate in the world, Trafford Park is a vibrant commercial hub attracting investment to the area and providing jobs for around 35,000 people.

"The great thing about living in an area like Sale and Altrincham is that you can look to the countryside or towards Britain’s second city, with all the cultural, shopping and entertainment opportunities which Manchester offers."


Stretford and Urmston MP, Kate Green, said: "Trafford has so much to offer, from fabulous culture and sporting facilities to groundbreaking businesses, schools and colleges.

"It's great to live in such a diverse and vibrant borough, with fantastic neighbours and friends."

Chairman of Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society, Judie Collins, said: “I think as far as Altrincham is concerned the Civic Society and Altrincham Forward feel we have the benefit of both.

“We can look into the city of Manchester and our neighbouring towns but also out to the Cheshire countryside.

“We're still very proud of our Cheshire postal code but happy to reap the benefits of what Greater Manchester can bring us.”

Hale resident, Christina Harrison-Stirling, said: "Personally I've always felt I'm from Cheshire - born in Bowdon, grew up in Wilmslow, went to Loreto in Altrincham, and now live in Hale.

"My county identifies where I'm from - it's what you use when providing your address - rather than the Borough."

Urmston resident, Hazel Gibb, said: “l hate Greater Manchester, still come from Stretford on the whole and that's in Lancashire.”

Alex Scapens, of Altrincham HQ, tweeted: “Altrincham 1st, Manchester 2nd.”