TRAFFORD College, in partnership with Trafford Council, is pledging its continued support to create new apprenticeship opportunities in the borough.

The college has been working closely with the council over the past few years, delivering a wide range of training programmes and vocational qualifications including apprenticeships.

The council launched its apprenticeship initiative in 2011 and has so far recruited 73 apprentices across a diverse area of the organisation including HR and finance, and has celebrated considerable success within childcare in particular.

Notably, 17 of the council’s apprentices have secured permanent employment with the organisation. The council’s priority groups are children leaving care, young people aged 16 to 24 and Trafford residents.

The council ensures that everyone involved in the apprenticeship scheme has access to a complete support package and understands some of the issues that young people have from the very basic to the more complex.

One of the biggest challenges for young people is self discipline, including issues such as time keeping, which the Council’s support team help develop in the early stages.

Cllr Brian Rigby, chairman of the employment committee at Trafford Council, said: “From the initial stages of development, I was eager for the council to embed an on-going programme to take on apprentices in a bid to support young people to be successful.

“The council is keen to develop the skills of young people from all areas of the borough, including developing their employment skills for the future.

“Our aim is to build upon what we have achieved and to continue to maintain the high quality of the provision. Young people have a great deal of energy and potential and they can contribute significantly to the growth of a business “I would encourage other businesses across Trafford to support apprenticeships for the benefits they certainly bring to any organisation.”

Kirsty Roberts, assistant workforce strategy officer, who coordinates the council’s apprenticeship programme, added: “Trafford College tutors have provided us with great support and tailored the apprenticeship programmes to meet our specific needs.

“We would not have achieved what we have without the support of the college and we regularly meet to discuss progress, and how we can develop and constantly improve the programme.”

Sir Bill Moorcroft, principal of Trafford College, said: “A learning partnership between Trafford Council and Trafford College has provided a compelling opportunity to deliver improved outcomes for individuals across the borough.

“It has enabled both organisations to make the most of our shared aspirations, enthusiasm and capacity.

“We continuously hear how much apprenticeships have increased productivity and given businesses a proven return on investment. Now is the time to celebrate these successes and urge more organisations to learn more about the benefits of apprenticeships, and more individuals to consider how apprenticeships can help them on their way to a first class career.”

To find out more about Apprenticeship vacancies, visit the Trafford College website at or contact Trafford First on 0161 8867461.