AFTER reading about Haris Nadeem in Messenger the boss of a Stretford estate agents has decided to give his family’s fundraising campaign a major boost.

The eight-year-old Old Trafford boy has cerebral palsy and his parents need to raise £23,000 to fund the surgery they believe will improve his walking and his balance.

Steve Cox, who owns Trading Places on Barton Road, said as a father-of-three he was particularly anxious to help.

The 40-year-old said: “I am going to do a leaflet drop to highlight that we’re supporting him and for every house that we got on the market off those leaflets we would donate £100 for every property that we sold to his appeal.

“He’s a local lad and it looked like a lot of money to bring to the table and I thought he might need as much help as possible. I’ve got kids of my own and I’d like to think if I was in that position someone would help me out.”

Steve said this is the first time his business - he also has a branch of Trading Places in Chorlton - has supported a good cause.

He added: “I just saw this lad in the paper and I thought it’s local to us and hopefully we can drum up some local support for him. If we can highlight what he’s trying to do it might help him get on and get closer to his target.”

Haris’s parents need to raise £23,000 to fund an operation known as a selective dorsal rhizotomy and this will reduce the risk of the football loving youngster having to rely on a wheelchair in later life.

Haris’s mum Sahira said: “Words cannot express how grateful we are for the kindness shown to Haris`s cause by Trading Places in Stretford. Thank you very much for your contribution.”

* Anyone interested in supporting the Haris Nadeem fundraising campaign should visit