AIDAN Worth had the selective dorsal rhizotomy operation last August - now he’s learning to ride a bike and takes part in school sports.

His mum Joanna, from Whitelake Avenue, Urmston, said: “He can balance so much better and he doesn’t fall over as much and he can put his heels nearly to the floor now. His posture is better and he’s learning to use some of the muscles he’s never used before.”

Joanna said she’s also seen an improvement in her son’s self confidence.

She said: “He can do things that other children can do, that his brother can do, like riding a bike, which has boosted him.”

Like the parents of Haris Nadeem, Joanna and her husband Spencer had to raise funds for the SDR surgery for Aidan, now aged seven, and she would like to thank the people and the businesses who supported heir £25,000 fundraising campaign.