A SENIOR nurse at Trafford General Hospital is concerned some people think the hospital and its emergency care service have closed.

Clare Kirrane believes the misconception has come about in the wake of a number of changes being made to services at the hospital at the end of last year.

Clare said that while it has been widely reported that that A&E has closed and that children’s services are no longer provided, this is not strictly true, as the A&E has been replaced with an Urgent Care Centre, which is no longer 24/7.

The hospital also continues to provide a range of outpatient, diagnostic and day surgery services for adults and children.

Clare said: “The new Urgent Care Centre works in much the same way as the previous A&E department, the only difference being that we don’t treat people with life-threatening conditions.

“It is open from 8am to midnight, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Clare, who joined the Trafford team last year after 31 years at Manchester Royal Infirmary, said: “We can treat a wide range of conditions from minor injuries and illnesses to suspected fractures and wounds.

“If someone has a very serious condition that proves to be life-threatening or requires surgery, we will treat and stabilise them and arrange for their safe transfer the most appropriate hospital.

“We see adults and children of all ages.”