THE leader of Trafford Council has criticised ‘totally inaccurate’ leaflets which falsely claim that a 7.5 mile tunnel is to be built under Stretford to accommodate the HS2 rail line.

Cllr Matt Colledge, who is also a member of the Government’s HS2 Growth Task Force, said the route currently under formal consultation ‘bears no resemblance whatsoever’ to the information contained within the unofficial leaflet which is being circulated.

The leaflet, which has been produced by a ‘concerned resident’ of Urmston Lane, claims the tunnel would stretch from the motorway bridge over Stretford Road ‘towards Stretford and Chorlton’.

However, no plans for such a tunnel have been proposed.

Cllr Colledge said: “As a council, Trafford, along with the other Greater Manchester authorities, recognises the huge economic boost HS2 will bring to Greater Manchester and the North West.

“However, that does not mean that we won’t lobby hard to ensure genuine concerns raised by local residents around the route or any other aspect of the scheme are heard.

“However to have people producing totally inaccurate documents is extremely unhelpful.

“I would reinforce that the formal consultation provides people with the opportunity to have their say.

“The HS2 website provides comprehensive information on the preferred route through the Borough to enable people to make informed judgements.”

Residents have until January 31 to get involved in the formal HS2 consultation on the preferred route.