A 15-year-old boy was attacked for his mobile phone as he walked along a canal in Sale on Christmas day.

Jacob Taylor, who lives on Dalton Street, was walking along the Bridgewater Canal between the Bridge Inn, on Dane Road, and Crossford Road playing fields, at around 7.15pm on December 25.

His dad, Paul, told Messenger: “Three men were under the motorway bridge and called to my son to come over towards them.

“He instinctively headed away towards Crossford Road fields and within a few seconds two of the men ran after him, punched him to the ground and continued punching him.”

The men took Jacob’s mobile phone, but he later found it discarded at it was a low value device.

The teenager waited until the man left and was able to run home, although his eye was completely closed up he had been punched with such force.

Paul said: “As his father I was understandably really annoyed that someone would chose to do this at all, but all the more so on Christmas day.”

He added: “If anyone has any information on three young men seen along the canal on Christmas night then please contact the police.”

Paul hopes 2014 is a better year for his son as 2013 was particularly tough for Jacob, having been hit by a bus as he was cycling to Sale High School in May.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “One offender is described as white, the ethnicity of the other offenders is unknown.

“All three were wearing track suits.

“No arrests have been made and enqiuries are ongoing.”