JUSTIN Bieber made the dreams of one lucky Hale Barns girl come true, after he chose her to appear on stage with him at his concert at the Manchester Arena last night.

The global teen icon picks a girl out of the crowd at every one of his concerts and sings his hit ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ (OLLG) to them.

Megan Berry, 15, who is a huge Bieber fan, even tweeted before the concert, “weird to think that one girl has no clue right now that she is going to be the OLLG,” but had no idea that she would be that girl.

Megan’s mum, Maria, said when a woman from Bieber’s team came up to the Alderley Edge School for Girls student and told her she was to be Manchester’s One Less Lonely Girl, she burst into tears.

Megan then waited under the stage until the star puller her on stage, placed a wreath of flowers on her head and sang to her.

“It was just amazing the whole thing, the fact that he picked her out of so many people - she was so overwhelmed she fainted afterwards.”

Megan, who skates for Silver Blades Synchronised Ice Skating team in Altrincham, said her life was complete after the incident.

“I’ve got five or six friends who are really the biggest fans in Manchester, we’re known for it,” she said.

Megan gained around 2,000 new Twitter followers after the concert and ‘OLLG Manchester’ and her own Twitter name were trending UK-wide on the social networking sight.

“That was the nicest thing for me because her friends and people on twitter were so supportive and saying such lovely things, so she’s got genuine friends Alice, Megan, Hannah, Sanna and Lizzy who were genuinely happy for her.”

Megan is such a committed Belieber that she is attending the concert again tonight: “She’s a massive fan, her room is wall to wall Justin Bieber,” said Maria.

Watch the video of Justin's performance here