A CHEMICAL leak in Trafford Park has been contained by the coordinated effort of company staff and emergency services working at the scene.

Fire officers have worked with specialists on the site to contain the chemical leak, which is not believed to have spread outside the complex.

Emergency services were called to the chemical plant in the Tenax Road area shortly after 6.15pm on Friday and found that a chemical, hydrochloric acid, was leaking from the unit.

Cordons were put in place as a precautionary measure in line with established emergency plans. These have now been lifted.

Superintendent Chris Ullah from Greater Manchester Police said: “Emergency services have been working at the chemical plant at Trafford Park this evening and have isolated the leak. There are no reports of injuries or any people requiring medical attention.

“We are now starting to scale down the emergency service response and return normality to the area as quickly as possible."

The cause of the leak is not yet known but will be investigated once the building is safe.