WHEN 22 eight – 16-year-olds from Urmston Musical Theatre Juniors present Our Day Out, they will play all the adult parts themselves.

Nevertheless, there’ll be plenty of adult support.. Joint directors, Eleanor Cardoza, 25 and Rachel Mellor, 20, as well as choreographer and musical director, James Goodwin, are guiding them through.

Eleanor said: "We are especially pleased with Drew Frangleton, who plays a strict unfeeling teacher who unthaws when a pupil with problems approaches him. Drew has been a member of the junior society for many years but has never had a major part. He shone at the audition.

“A few have impressed us with their Liverpool accents. We have deliberately made sure the teachers don’t speak Scouse to differentiate them from the pupils,” said Rachel.

Eleanor agreed. “They have picked up the accent so fast that sometimes we have to ask them to slow down. For those who are struggling, we have got a girl from Liverpool coming to rehearsal to coach them.”

Both like Willy Russell’s script although they have cut out unsuitable language and have changed some of the songs because of it.

“The songs have a lot of humour. They are simple but James has worked hard with them. He directs a four piece band in the show," said Eleanor.

“All the scenes, including the bus on which the pupils travel for their day out, are set up by the children themselves using benches,” said Rachel.

“It hits a lot of emotion especially at the end. It’s a play with music, rather than a musical.”

• Our Day Out is at Abbotsford Preparatory School, Flixton Road, Urmston from May 24 - 26 at 7.30 and on Saturday, May 27 at 2.00 pm.

Tickets, priced £8.00 are available from 0161 408 1288 or on line at umt.org.uk.