ONE of Ray Cooney’s most amusing farces, Out of Order, is at Altrincham Little Theatre this week.

This production, directed by Mike Russell, is one of the slickest farces I have seen.

Every cast member appears exactly on cue and the timing is excellent. Even the sash window crashes when it should, not to mention the equally fast dropping of pants and removal of bath towels!

One window is out of use because something macabre is stuck in it.

The window is in the room where cabinet minister Richard has arranged a tryst with Jane, a sexy House of Commons secretary.

Charlie Welsh, who plays her to perfection, spends most of the time running around in her undies.

Chris Burton is the unfortunate Richard. He uses facial expression and body language when reacting to events which overtake him such as the unexpected appearance of respective spouses!

Eventually he has to call on his downtrodden Parliamentary Private Secretary. George Pigden (Gary Woodhall) for help. The two spend the rest of the evening jumping in and out of the sash window and running between two bedrooms, lying their heads off to get out of awkward situations.

Gary transforms his character from mummy’s boy to serial lecher!

Arthur Hulse has the audience in stitches even though his role is largely without speech.

A must see.

* Out of Order is at Altrincham Little Theatre from Sunday, November 20 – Saturday, November 26.

For tickets, priced £9, telephone 0161 928 1113 or email

Star rating: * * * * *