A Timperley chef and Trafford College lecturer set out on another venture in the village last weekend.

Paul Taylor welcomed the first customers to Finest Catch on Stockport Road on November 12.

The fishmonger's, on the site of what was Village Domestics, offers a range of fresh fish and pre-prepared dishes such as fish cakes and fish pies.

Paul said the response from the first customers was a positive sign of what is to come for Finest Catch.

He told The Messenger: "It was great. There were some lovely people and it was busy all day. There were some lovely comments from everybody."

On the motivation for the venture, he added: "I've lived in Timperley all my life and I saw the space up for rent. I've always wanted to do something.

"I've got a friend of mine who owns a fishmonger's and a fish restaurant, so I've helped him out from time to time in the last few months.

"I thought it'd be a great idea to open something in the village."

Paul, who has had a career as a chef in and around Greater Manchester before he became a Trafford College lecturer around six years ago, intends to stick at this full-time role and work at Finest Catch on evenings and weekends.

He has enlisted the help of Daniel Bluff, who is also a chef by trade, to run the fishmonger's day to day.

Paul said: "Dan has spent his time in fish restaurants over the last 10 years or so.

"We met whilst we were working together somewhere and hit it off straight away."

Asked whether it is a risk to open Finest Catch in a cost of living crisis, Paul said he did not think so.

This is despite of the closure of another fishmonger's in recent weeks, What's the Catch in Urmston.

He said: "Is it a risky time? I don't know.

"Yes, there is a crisis going on, but I still think people want quality and I still think people want local.

"We have a fantastic butcher's and we have had for years. He's not the cheapest, but the quality is there, and people queue around the corner.

"I'm not suggesting people eat fish as much as they eat meat, but a focus on quality and local is something people still want."

Finest Catch is open Wednesday to Saturday.

For information, go to www.fishtimperley.com.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. Jack is the reporter for The Messenger and covers anything and everything from within the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford.

To contact him, email jack.tooth@newsquest.co.uk or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.