A ROAD in Carrington reopened this morning after it closed all day on Monday for flooding.

Flixton Road, also known as Mile Road, had a large amount of water on it due to high levels on the River Mersey.

Transport for Greater Manchester's traffic cameras showed cones and signs closing off the road.

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And at around 1.30pm, a post on social media by One Trafford Partnership, shared by Trafford Council, said: "We've closed Flixton Road due to flooding from the River Mersey. Teams are checking levels constantly and we will reopen the road when it’s safe to do so."

Despite the cones, signs and warnings, a significant number of drivers continued to use Flixton Road, even mounting the pavement to avoid the worst of the water.

One Trafford Partnership acknowledged this in the same post on social media.

Messenger Newspapers: Flixton Road in Carrington (Image: Transport for Greater Manchester).Flixton Road in Carrington (Image: Transport for Greater Manchester).

They said: "Please do not ignore the traffic management in place, as the water is often deeper than it might appear."

Although levels on the River Mersey remain high, the road reopened this morning.

The 255 bus between Partington and Piccadilly in the city centre is up and running.

A spokesperson for Stagecoach said: "We're pleased to say that the 255 is running a full service and Flixton Road has been reopened by the local authorities.

"We are truly sorry for the inconvenience the road closure caused yesterday. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Asked if Trafford Council intends to take action on the drivers who used Flixton Road while it was closed, a spokesperson said: “The signs were put out to advise drivers not to use the road as they would be putting themselves and their passengers at risk by doing so. The enforcement issue is a matter for Greater Manchester Police.”

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said it received no report of the incident.

They added: "Of course, where drivers are advised not to travel on roads as to avoid risk we would expect them to adhere to this. Where we are made aware of drivers contravening this, we would take action."