DRIVERS dismissed cones, signs and a warning from Trafford Council and continued to use a road in Carrington after it was closed in a flood on Monday.

Flixton Road, also known as Mile Road, was closed throughout the day, with traffic cameras installed by Transport for Greater Manchester showing a large amount of standing water on the road.

Despite this, a significant number of drivers continued to use Flixton Road, either going through the standing water or going on the pavement to avoid the worst of it.

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And at around 1.30pm, in a post also shared by Trafford Council, One Trafford Partnership made a polite appeal for drivers to pack it in.

The post said: "We've closed Flixton Road due to flooding from the River Mersey. Teams are checking levels constantly and we will reopen the road when it’s safe to do so.

"Please do not ignore the traffic management in place, as the water is often deeper than it might appear."