A PUB assistant manager who allegedly sent an abusive message to a staff member is no longer working for the business.

At the start of the month, a message to a staff member who had handed in her notice at The Kings Ransom in Sale started to circulate on social media.

Allegedly from the assistant manager of the pub on Britannia Road, who was celebrating his wedding at the time, the message told the staff member she was 'useless' and called her 'dumb' and a swear word.

The pub launched an urgent investigation, of which it is not commenting on the outcome.

However, a spokesperson for Greene King, which owns the pub, has confirmed to The Messenger that the assistant manager is no longer working for them.

In full, the message to the staff member said: "It's my wedding day. I don't give a [swear word] if you're employed or not.

"And whilst we're doing this, as you have had the level of disrespect to message me, with this meaningless nonsense, ON MY WEDDING DAY, I would like to give you some home truths.

"You have no initiative.

"You are a vacuous poser.

"You are too focused on how you look and not what you do.

"You are a useless employee.

"You would rather text than do your job.

"You should be embarrassed about this.

"But hear my words. Because they will do you a favour.

"Nobody is interested in YOU.

"Your work ethics are the only things [that] matter.

"Focus on the job and stop focusing on yourself.

"Beauty will fade.

"Dumb [swear word] is forever."

After the message started to circulate on social media, the general manager of The Kings Ransom made a statement in a post on Facebook.

The post gained a lot of attention, with more than 1000 comments, some of which called for the assistant manager to be sacked by the pub.

Someone is also thought to have created fake Facebook accounts for the general manager and assistant manager before commenting on the post, further complicating the situation.

But now the assistant manager and the staff member involved have both left, the pub is hoping to move on.

In its first post on Facebook since the start of the month on Monday, The Kings Ransom revealed the new outdoor bar in its beer garden.

The post said: "We're so excited to be finally able to open our brand new outside bar.

"We look forward to seeing you all enjoying the sun in our fantastic beer garden by the canal."