ONE of the most satisfactory means of Interfaith work is to bring people of different faiths together for a shared meal.

Altrincham Interfaith Group has been holding a shared meal each year for the past few years. It is always a "sell out" and more than 160 people have enjoyed the company of friends of differing faiths and partaken of Christian, Kosher, Hallal and Hindu food in a most social atmosphere.

For the fifth year, Menorah Synagogue has found another way of bringing different faiths together.

This was by having a Choral Extravaganza which brought together more than 200 people who enjoyed music from four differing faith choirs.

The concert began with the Mandarin Fellowship Choir which is a Christian group of students from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Zimbabwe.

It was followed by the Mriya Mixed Voice Choir from the Ukrainian community.

The third choir was the Siddique Group from the Azeemia Sufi Muslim Order.

Lastly the Menorah Synagogue Choir under, leader Ruti Worrall, sang a mixture of Hebrew and popular English songs.

The evening concluded with each choir singing one of their own melodies with the words projected onto a screen and the audience joining in with enthusiasm.

Everyone who attended the concert felt that the spirit which was so evident was in no small measure due to the coming together of the differing faiths and was a signpost for how brethren should dwell together in unity.

Louis Rapaport

Altrincham Interfaith Group