I WOULD like to share my experience and learning after watching an educational drama Yugpurush on Sunday, February 4, in the Anti-Hate Week.

Mahatma Gandhi was 21 when he met Srimad Rajachandra ji. Gandhi ji addressed Srimad Rajchandra ji as “Kavi Sri”.

Kavi Sri had remembered his salvation of up to 800 births when he was seven years old.

Kavi Sri’s memory was so perfect that he could do multiple tasks simultaneously.

Gandhi ji went to South Africa to carry on his work as a barrister. Whilst he was in South Africa, Gandhi ji wrote a letter to Kavi Sri which included 27 questions.

One Question that Gandhi ji wanted the answer to was, how was Kavi Sri’s memory so powerful, accurate and intense. He found out about that later.

Kavi Sri turned down an invitation to go to Mumbai for a presentation to the Prime Minister.

Gandhi ji was very surprised that Kavi Sri did not pay much attention to the world.

Kavi Sri taught that violence must never be used to achieve your goals. This message has relevance to all of us even today.

This message of non-violence had a profound influence on Gandhi ji.

Gandhi ji incorporated this concept into his struggle for Indian independence by propagating non — violent struggle.

Gandhi ji was shocked that Kavi Sri died at the age of 33 years and five months.

The reason this play is relevant to this day is because it reminds me of our Hindu teachings of non-violence, peace, truth, love and compassion.

In our Hindu Philosophy we say, in Sanskrit "Vasudhev Kutumbakam" meaning the whole world is a one family.

Rushabh Maram (aged nine)

Hindu child from Voice (Vedic Organization for Indian Culture and Education)