“I try and I made it.”

This is the theme of a most inspiring book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, by William Kamkwamder and Bryan Mealer. (Harper Collins 2010).

It is the true story of a teenage boy in a village in Malawi who lived through famine and poverty, but his spirit was never squashed.

When his family were unable to pay the fees for his secondary schooling, he went to the small library in the local township and found an old physics text book.

Although it was in English, not his first language, it had illustrations.

He taught himself how to build a wind turbine which would produce electricity.

All the parts came from the local scrap-heap of discarded machinery and, despite taunts about being crazy, his single-minded determination overcame numerous obstacles until finally he was successful.

He was able to light his home at night.

It’s a story which makes us humble.

Living in a developed society, we have many advantages we never stop even to think about, including regular power, food, and education.

I thoroughly recommend this heart-warming tale of a boy who rose above his circumstances and eventually brought benefits to his whole community.

Ruth Neal

Churches Together in Hale and Altrincham Interfaith Group