THE other day, I caught part of Radio 4’s 'From our Home Correspondent' where a young woman was talking about her experience of having breast cancer.

She said that someone told her that having cancer makes you realise how much you are loved. That stopped me in my tracks. How true!

Ever since my own diagnosis I have been completely overwhelmed by people’s kindness, their cards, gifts and flowers, and their prayers too.

To know someone is praying for you really does make a difference, and all these things do make me feel truly loved.

But thinking about it, should we wait till someone has a life threatening illness before we tell them that we care?

In Britain, we are notorious for being rather held-in with our emotions, at least those of the older generation. Stiff upper lip and all that.

But telling people that you really value their friendship, that they mean a lot to you, can give them a real fillip, a real 'feel good' factor, that not only boosts morale but can do a lot for their general health too.

So don’t wait until someone is ill before you show them you care, tell them now!

Carolyn Jones, Hon. Sec Altrincham Interfaith Group

and member of Dunham Road Unitarian Chapel.