Thought for the week

One particularly grey damp morning I was standing at Altrincham Station waiting for my usual tram to Manchester and it dawned on me how diverse our community has become.

There were people from various backgrounds. Some spoke English and others had a different first language which had accompanied them from a land they once called home.

I believe it is the diversity of our community that gives it strength to overcome the pressures in today’s world. When we hear of disasters natural or manmade around the world there is a chance that we may know someone, such as a work colleague or neighbour who has a connection with that distant place. We can talk to them and offer our support. We can find out what makes them happy or sad, feel threatened or safe as they lead their lives alongside us. It is up to each one of us to bridge the divides of culture, language or faith that could potentially separate us. We have to work at making peace in our community so that everyone feels safe and secure.

The Altrincham Interfaith Group aims to build bonds of friendship within our community and in doing so promote tolerance and understanding to dispel the fear that accompanies ignorance.

Small acts of humanity make a difference.

Next time you are at the station or waiting in a supermarket queue give a smile to the stranger at your side and brighten up their day.

Azhar Rasul

Altrincham Interfaith Group