PEACE education is more important than ever with the current world climate of fear and misunderstanding.

Extremism flourishes wherever reason is suppressed and freedom of thought and speech is discouraged.

Inter-faith dialogue for peace is vital in the education of our children. This is where the Peace Mala project has so much to offer as it introduces children and young people to the Golden Rule, which exists in all religions, spiritual paths and cultures.

As we move into the future, we are experiencing a new dimension of exciting possibilities.

There has always been darkness in this world but at this present time, we are also living in a period of great spiritual awakening and remarkable planetary interconnectedness.

Within this century, more than ever before, we have become exposed to the diverse and wonderful spiritual traditions of our planet. This in turn has made us aware of the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the human family.

By embracing the universal truths that all religions and spiritual paths share, we can help build bridges of peace and dissolve the boundaries that normally divide people from each other. At the same time, we can still honour and celebrate each person’s own unique ethnic, cultural and spiritual heritage.

The Peace Mala story is one of continuing growth as it reaches out to all people in our global village. Our message is simple: Treat the next person as you wish to be treated yourself."

Laura Roberts Altrincham Interfaith Group