THERE is something very powerful about coming together in love; there is something very powerful in opening ourselves up to one another to recognise what connects us what makes us wholly human.

This is what it means to be holy.I experience this powerfully in worship and I recognise it in the deep encounters I experience with the people I meet in my daily life.

I have felt it very powerfully in some recent encounters both one and one and in groups of like hearted people (I stopped looking for like-minded people a long time ago) as I have shared graceful encounters.

I felt it very powerfully in a recent grief group I have begun to host. By simply opening and holding a space it is amazing what people can unearth that is often hidden within them.

When people open themselves up to one another in a truly conscious way, when we transcend self-consciousness we encounter the holy, we engage in the holy encounter and we make the ground at our feet holy ground.

So many times in recent weeks I felt an inner urge to shake off my shoes and feel the earth at my feet, to recognise I walk on “Holy Ground”.

Why not give it a try, shake off your shoes, feel the spirit rise up through your feet, recognise that all ground is holy ground, that all life is formed of the spirit and recognise the sacredness of each person that you meet and bless life with your loving presence.

Love and respect

The Rev Danny Crosby

Dunham Road Unitarian Chapel, Altrincham

Queens Road Unitarian Free Church, Urmston