I am writing to highlight to all local residents that they only have until November 17 to respond to Trafford Council regarding their proposals for a new combined Stamford Park school and the demolition of the existing schools.

The form is on the Trafford Council website search Stamford Park.

The documentation produced by Trafford referenced other local new schools as examples of the type of school that would be built i.e. Worthington Primary School in Sale.

Residents/parents need to appreciate that the proposed school will NOT resemble this school.

The footprint of the field is far smaller than the existing school grounds as a simple comparison on google maps will indicate .

Rather than a modern state of the art school ,the new school will be a three storey box with limited external space .

Whilst there may be issues with the Infant School building this is not the solution.

Trafford should have produce plans before asking people for their opinion so that the details could be properly considered by all parties .

I would urge all residents to write to Trafford expressing their concerns you only have until November 17.

Please don’t leave it to someone else.

Nigel Powell

Finchley Rd