So street patrols are to be introduced to fine litterbugs. As one who abhors litter and mess in our neighbourhood, the immediate reaction I felt was not that of applause, but rather are Trafford being serious?

Counsellor Stephen Adshead said: 'we are passionate about ensuring our neighbourhoods are clean and attractive places to live in'. I wonder if he has visited the streets in Sale recently? They are disgusting, never swept, weeds flourish, totally run down and generally uncared for. It's depressing to say the least! What example is being given to encourage people to care about whether or not they drop litter? Of course we should all have respect for where we live, but it must start with the Council. It seems to be a case of 'not as I do but as I say' that is being put into operation!

Half mile down the road in Ashton Village it’s totally different, beautifully maintained - because they want their village to be enjoyed and respected. The shops have set the example in this case, and the public follow suit.

So Trafford Council,set the example, get our town cleaned up, then challenge the public about how they dispose of litter. You can’t put the cart before the horse!

Valerie Jones

Earlesfield Close